About Kristin

Welcome! I do appreciate you stopping by. My name is Kristin White and I enjoy spending my time as a Web Developer/Consultant.

Now you may ask, “but Kristin, what makes YOU remotely qualified to help ME?”

That is an excellent question! The answer is basically, nothing. Nobody, myself included, ever took a class on you, your needs, your background, your likes and your dislikes. HOWEVER! What I CAN bring is a creative mind, an enjoyment of problem-solving, over 11 years of experience designing and creating web sites and web applications large and small, over 15 years experience with graphic design, editing, and marketing, and even a smattering of data warehousing and project management here and there.

It is my hope that this background will give you and I together a firm foundation on which to build your solutions.

Reasons to Hire Kristin

  1. Long-term collaboration potential.
  2. Clear instruction given to help understand common technical processes.
  3. Warrantees for corrections are standard.
  4. Solid programming background is mandatory and available.
  5. Proven record of absorbing new technologies provides best results possible.
  6. Challenges are welcome and encouraged.
  7. Image adjustments are no sweat.
  8. Kristin cares about YOU and what YOU need.

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