Sometimes bravery is more about not giving up or giving in when you just want to crawl in a hole and cry than it is about making a choice or decision to take some action. In my past, there have been many times I took the cowardly way and gave up well before I needed to do so. However, I also tend to be tenacious and have had trouble determining which battle to fight the good fight for, sometimes staying in the ring way past the time I should have been doing so.

As I continue along my path as a freelance web developer, the challenges continue to grow me. Do I use this time for billable work? How much should I dedicate to my personal sites and portfolio? Am I charging and billing properly? I am not feeling well, should I press forward and try to get something accomplished or try to rest and be much more productive later? How high a priority is housework? Am I spending too much time researching and learning? What is worth taking time TO learn? Have I got myself in over my head or do I need to be actively seeking more projects?

We are trying to sell our house and downsize from the property we purchased to accommodate my father who passed away last year. The guilt and self-doubt over whether I stood up to my fears and held fast as much as I could have or should have from that experience alone is almost crippling.

My dear husband has put up with all this. As we were discussing what to do now that our income was cut in half when I left my full-time position, his concern was for me: we needed to fit completely under his salary so I would not have to work if I did not desire to. This started a brave plan of action involving several steps I did not have the energy for. Somehow he remained strong enough to support me even as he did so much work on his own.

I try to keep all this in mind as I struggle with the questions noted earlier. On the days I just “don’t feel like…” but there aren’t any true reasons for me NOT to do something through the times I have to choose between competing priorities, is it worth the sacrifice to keep the brave face on?

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Downtime and Designs

The site was down for a day, this just was not a good WordPress day for me. It is backup and my next order of business is to work on theming after playing with a few different ones and reviewing functionality. Until then, this nice, basic theme should suffice.

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Twitter Updates for 2010-09-24

  • If terms don't fit redefine! RT @RWW: ReadWriteCloud: Weekly Poll: Does Oracle's Cloud Computing Strategy Make Sense? #
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Twitter Updates for 2010-09-13

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The SEO History of the Internet

In my quest to understand SEO techniques, I stumbled upon an interesting infographic created at the beginning of this year by Project Greenlight. It highlights the evolution and history of search engine optimization and as always, provides excellent references for the data.

Thinking back I can remember most of this, but it was a bit startling to see how close some of the events were to each other. Enjoy!

Greenlight history of SEO 1994-2001
Greenlight history of SEO 2002-2009
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Twitter Updates for 2010-09-09

  • I am learning some awesome Photoshop tricks like warp/puppet warp and forcing blending adjustments into layers. I can distort shadows! #
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Kristin thinks about… Broken Links

Images seem to be disappearing off a client’s WordPress site. There were some missing from the migration off Blogspot (they had spaces in the names) that I am adding as I find them, but new ones? How rude.

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Theme Crumble Zone

I am experimenting with different themes, my original one corrupted. Please bear with me.

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Twitter Updates for 2010-09-05

  • I am really enjoying Twitter’s iPad app. Incorporates some nice polish. #
    sleeping girl
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Apologies for the downtime

A bad combination of caching and playing with a new theme gave the website indigestion. A little antacid later and we are good to go again.

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