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Sometimes bravery is more about not giving up or giving in when you just want to crawl in a hole and cry than it is about making a choice or decision to take some action. In my past, there have been many times I took the cowardly way and gave up well before I needed to do so. However, I also tend to be tenacious and have had trouble determining which battle to fight the good fight for, sometimes staying in the ring way past the time I should have been doing so.

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Downtime and Designs

Clipboard from Crestock Images

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Kristin thinks about… Broken Links

Images seem to be disappearing off a client’s WordPress site. There were some missing from the migration off Blogspot (they had spaces in the names) that I am adding as I find them, but new ones? How rude. Continue reading

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Out of Blogspot

The recent site I helped a client with started from a migration out of Blogspot. The data did not all come through easily and cleanup is still going on.

The worst offenders were images and tags (which did not come through) and post metadata.

The cleanest solution was to export the Blogger information into a WordPress.com site, try to watch the images there, adjust the target site permalink settings, export the WP.com data, and import into the standalone WordPress installation.

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What is this blog?

Day 1: My Elevator Pitch

All my life I have been told I live in my head, always thinking. I have found this to be a great asset at times as I try to find the whole picture, and I enjoy putting this talent to work solving challenges people face.

This is my quest to become an independent web freelancer, documented so that others who may walk the same path as I might find the path easier to travel.

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