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The hardest thing I have ever had to face was the sudden death of my mother. As the oldest of four, I have taken a large part of the responsibility for processing and handling the fallout, including the care of my father who came to live with us.

Having your foundation collapse can be devastating, and I reacted as such. In fact, it took me over two-and-a-half years to become what I considered “mostly normal.” Within six months of that milestone, just over a year ago, my father passed away.

I am happy to report we are almost finished with sorting and closing the estate. On our own front, my husband and I are preparing to sell the house we bought two years ago with rooms for my father, and move back into something more appropriate for us.

So, what do I choose to do in the midst of this? Quit my job and attempt to strike out as an independent freelancer! In an upcoming article I will talk more about this ongoing situation.

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